The MBA community

A year on the Lancaster MBA is action-packed – and a large part of the experience, challenge and enjoyment comes from time spent with your fellow students. They offer a tremendous range of professional and international experience, and life-long friendships.

The MBA class has approximately 45 students, enabling you to get to know each other and members of the faculty far better than you would in a larger class.

The class - thriving on diversity

Who will you be working and socialising with during your MBA at Lancaster?

Each year the precise class mix will vary, but one thing is certain – you will study with fellow professionals from all over the world, whose experience and contacts could be useful to your next career move. The value of such a diversity will be immediately evident to you in the classroom or when working in groups.

Geographical distribution

The 48 members of the 2016/2017 MBA class are typical, in that participants are from all parts of the world, with 18 nationalities represented.


Work sectors pre-MBA

  • Manufacturing, Engineering and Construction:17%
  • IT, Telecomms and Technology: 14%
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance: 21%
  • Professional Services and Consulting: 10%
  • Health, Soc Services, Pharma, Bio Sci: 10%
  • Retail, FMCGs: 2%
  • Energy and Petrochemical Processing: 8%
  • Other (retail, leisure/travel, agriculture, fisheries and food, media, arts, leisure and publishing, education, real estate, NGOs): 18%

Academic background

The academic background of students is diverse: business and management, social sciences, engineering, biological sciences, architecture and computing are just some of the first degree disciplines of class members.

MBA board

Each year the MBA students choose representatives to champion their views and bring recommendations to the staff team. They are key participants in setting the direction, interests and activities during the year.

Social life

The MBA Board organises the social life of the MBA. Early in the programme you will be organised into syndicate teams and, driven by your board, orchestrate a series of social events for the cohort.

Your social life need not be confined to the regular parties and social events organised by your fellow MBAs. Lancaster has one of the most extensive ranges of postgraduate business programmes of any university in the UK. So you will have many opportunities to socialise with students on some of the School's other Masters programmes. You can also join in activities organised through the University's Graduate Students' Association which provides services and facilities for all the University's postgraduate students.

The MBA alumni network

As an MBA student, you will also be part of the wider community that includes Lancaster MBA alumni. Our Alumni WebBoard enables you to exchange information with our MBA alumni all over the world. As we have now recruited MBAs from more than 80 different countries and LUMS has over 35,000 graduates world-wide, you will be able to tap into an extensive international network of experience and contacts.

MBA alumni mentors

MBA students can choose mentors who will support them throughout the year, giving advice and insights from the time they were on the programme, and how they use the learning in context now that they are employed again.