Consultancy Challenge

Module leader: Professor David Pettifer

Duration and timing: conducted over four weeks, Lent Term


The Consultancy Challenge is the third of the action-learning challenges on the Lancaster MBA. Building on your experience of the Entrepreneurial Challenge, it is designed to increase your effectiveness in a consultancy context. Whether, in the end, you are a client or a consultant, the learning is a powerful asset.

The Challenge involves you working in groups, as a team of consultants, to analyse a problem or situation for a client organisation and develop implementable recommendations. These client organisations are typically medium-sized companies that are looking for support to address a wide range of business issues. Your will need to use many of the skills you have already acquired to develop and present your recommendations and action plan to your client.

The module aims to help you understand consultancy as a process of influence, oriented towards exploring opportunities, solving problems and implementing action. As you come to understand each of these processes better in class, and then go through them for real, you rapidly enhance your ability to work collaboratively on complex problems.

In the first part of the module you are introduced to a 'consultancy tool-kit'; a set of tools and skills that will enable you to address complexity and deliver targeted outcomes. We focus on you understanding the consultant mindset and gaining important consulting skills; you will examine the principles of effective consultancy, the barriers to successful intervention and how consultants manage risk. Well-armed, you then engage with the client!

Once again this action-learning challenge stress tests your cognitive and collaborative conduct, and generates a substantial opportunity for powerful experiential learning.


Group-based presentation and consultancy report