Entrepreneurial Challenge

Module leader: 

Duration and timing: 24 hours, Michaelmas Term

The Entrepreneurial Challenge is the second of the four action-learning challenges within the Lancaster MBA. It allows you to apply your learning to start up a business of your own choosing.

Working in teams, you are required to produce a business development plan for your new company. You have to research the market, develop a go-to-market strategy, and specify how the business will be organised and financed in the future.

The process requires you to take an integrated view of all aspects of a business; it drives you to think holistically in the identification and exploitation of business opportunities, and integrate the learnings of the first 15 weeks of the programme – Finance, Economics, Marketing, Operations and Strategy.

This action-learning challenge is engineered to stress-test your cognitive conduct – your critical-creative-integrative thinking. It also provides yet another opportunity to practise your team-working, deliberative and presentational skills, and generates a powerful opportunity for some serious reflective experiential learning that will enhance your conduct.


Business plan and presentation.