Getting started

Although there are many operational and administrative tasks that need to be accomplished when you first arrive at Lancaster, we need to make rapid progress on your learning as you have a great deal to accomplish in the year you are with us.

The Lancaster MBA starts on Day 1

There is no soft slow start to the Lancaster MBA. The programme begins on your very first day with an intensive engagement with the Mindful Manager and Core Capabilities modules.

It's crucial that you gain a deep insight into the perspectives of The Mindful Manager before the more conventional taught material in the programme, and that you rapidly develop key practical skills before you proceed further.

During the first week, alongside formal Mindful Manager teaching, you will take part in some intense courses focused on your capacity to work in teams, and on your presentational skills. The team working course will take you out into the wilds of the UK’s beautiful Lake District, and on both courses you will benefit from professional personal coaching.

You will also have your first engagement with the Careers Advancement team.