Exploring your leadership style

Today’s business world is complex, involving ambiguity, diverse stakeholders and competing agendas. You want to face that complexity head-on, embracing the opportunities it offers, and learning to be a more strategic leader. Like any effective leader you will need to call on a broad mix of capabilities, including the ‘softer’ skills required to understand, motivate and influence others.

‌Unlike other MBA programmes, we’ve recognised the importance of these factors and brought them together into the Mindful Manager – a module that’s totally unique to the Lancaster MBA.

‌The Mindful Manager

The Mindful Manager explores the ‘art and craft’ of management. It is more about ‘how’ you manage, than ‘what’. It extends knowing and doing into ‘being’, and connects all of your learning across the whole of the Lancaster MBA, strengthening your cognitive and collaborative skills as well as your judgement.

This is not a module you study for a short while before moving on to others – it is a constant throughout the Lancaster MBA experience. Connecting all your previous career experiences with your in-programme learning, it helps you understand the behaviours, motivations and cultural differences – your own, and those of others – which inform opinions and drive decisions.

The Mindful Manager emphasises self-discovery and critical thinking. We call this ‘reflective assessment’. Going well beyond basic psychometric testing – which evaluates your management style only at a specific point – the Mindful Manager is a rolling programme which ensures continuous and rapid development throughout the Lancaster MBA.

Observe your own leadership style evolve

As one element of this, you will be asked to create a blog which explores your experiences and thought processes during your time on the programme. We will encourage you to learn from these experiences and from the feedback you encounter.

Through this process, and with our support, you’ll find your thinking style evolving to that of a senior strategic leader.

Designed to increase your self-awareness, critical thinking and team-working skills, the Mindful Manager is a richly rewarding and transformational experience that influences you as a person and a professional.