Exploring your leadership style

Today’s business world is volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and complex; and is suffused with diverse stakeholders with competing agendas. Instead of shrinking away from this complexity, we encourage you to embrace the challenges and opportunities it offers, learning to be a more strategic leader. We strive to ensure that you deal with the world as it is, not how you might like it to be.

Unlike other MBA programmes, we’ve recognised the importance of this. Through The Mindful Manager – a module that’s totally unique to the Lancaster MBA - we drive the development of your practical wisdom - the form of knowledge that is needed to contend with the reality of the world of business and management.

The Mindful Manager Module

The Mindful Manager extends knowing and doing into being. It helps you understand the motivations, and the culturally- and experientially-derived perspectives that inform opinions (your own, and those of others) and that drive decisions. The module strengthens your capacity for judgement, and your cognitive and collaborative skills.

The Mindful Manager is not a module you study for a short while before moving on to another; rather, it is a constant throughout The Lancaster MBA experience – connecting all your previous career experiences with your in-programme learning.

The Mindful Manager emphasises self-discovery and critical thinking. We encourage you to question your assumptions and to improve your decision-making capabilities.

Through the Mindful Manager process you will find your thinking style evolving to that of a strategic leader. The Mindful Manager is a richly rewarding and transformational experience that influences you as a person and a professional.