Allocation of supervisor

If you are to be accepted in the Management School as a PhD student, you will be allocated a supervisor or supervisors who are specialists in your field to ensure that you receive the expertise and support essential to research your area fully.

Getting a good match between supervisor and doctoral student is an important step as it will develop into a long lasting relationship that will shape your doctoral studies. For this reason, we recommend that you read the profiles of LUMS staff to find out who might be an appropriate supervisor for your research. When you have identified some prospective supervisors you should try to read some of their papers in order to acquire more detailed information about their research. To improve your chances of acceptance, you might need to modify your research topic to ensure a better match between all parties and it may be worth mentioning in your application the member of staff that you believe is closest to your research interests.

If we think there is a good match between your interests and those of our staff members, we will then circulate your application papers to see if they are willing to register you as a new PhD student. If they have supervisory capacity, we will arrange an interview (in person or via Skype) with the relevant Doctoral Director and potential supervisor(s) to discuss your research idea and academic background.

Given the large number of PhD applications we receive, and the availability of supervisor time and expertise, we are unfortunately only able to offer a limited number of places each academic year.