MRes programmes

The MRes (Masters in Research) is a one-year full-time Masters degree intended for students who are planning to become academic researchers or consultants, and who wish to prepare for their PhD studies. 

The MRes has two purposes:

  • to provide intending PhD students with a good grounding in a specialist subject area
  • to provide intending PhD students with the qualitative and quantitative research skills they will need in order to undertake their research

Eight MRes programmes are available at Lancaster:

The MRes is based on the MSc degrees available at Lancaster. In addition to the subject material covered in the MSc degrees, there are:

  • courses in quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • courses on searching for information, copyright and intellectual property
  • a research plan requirement (minimum 10,000 words) which replaces the summer project

These research methods courses and research plan (plus defence at a review panel) constitute at least 50% of the total assessment of the degree.

Students who achieve the required standard in these components may apply for a PhD degree in the following year, continuing their research training for a further three years.

Check out the full details of the Research Training Programme.

MSc and MA degrees 'by research'

We also offer two Masters (by research) programmes:

These two programmes also comprise subject-specialist and research-methods courses, and are intended to meet the requirements of the '1 + 3' ESRC scheme (one year of training in research methods followed by three years of supervised research). They follow a similar structure to the standard MSc and MA programmes, but with additional courses on research methods.

ESRC requirements for research training

The ESRC recognises the LUMS MRes and Masters (by research) programmes as meeting their requirements for funding. See PhD funding for details.

Overseas registration

Because the MRes is a full-time programme, you cannot register for this programme from overseas. You will need to study in Lancaster.

How to apply

Applicants should complete the University’s application form online. Applicants will also be prompted to upload their supporting documents online. This includes academic transcripts and references.