Part-time PhD

We recognise that for many people, studying full-time is not possible. We have always been pleased to register PhD students on a part-time basis, where the nature of the research makes this feasible. In some departments - such as Management Learning - there are more students registered on a part-time basis than full-time.

If you live overseas, the normal mode of study is usually full-time for at least the first year of the PhD. However, we can consider registering you part-time from the outset but this would require an indepth discussion with the admitting department as you would need to commit to visiting Lancaster on a regular basis throughout the year to receive face-to-face supervision, attend a progress review, and visit the library and other facilities.

Applicants will need to demonstrate that they had adequate research training on their previous Masters programme or had undertaken research-based employment for a number of years. It should also be recognised that part-time PhD study involves considerable time demands on an individual for a minimum of four years.

For part-time PhD students, the entry qualifications needed and the requirement for the preparation of the final thesis are the same as for full-time students. For information on entry requirements, please see how to apply or check the webpage for the programme you are interested in.

Duration of study

The normal period of study is extended:

  • Minimum - 48 months
  • Maximum - 72 months


In 2015/2016 the tuition fees will be:

  • £2,026 per annum for UK/EU students
  • £6,630 per annum for overseas students