Research Training Seminars

All full-time PhD students follow a research training programme that consists of compulsory modules and optional seminars.

Because of the variety of LUMS PhD programmes, we offer four research training pathways: Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business and Management, and Management Science. Details of each pathway are available in the PhD Handbooks.

The research training seminars are common and open to all PhD students. These seminars can be broadly divided into the following four categories:

  1. Managing your PhD - a series of three seminars that explore the PhD journey from years 1–3, focusing on the typical issues that many researchers encounter at each stage of that journey.
  2. Practical survival skill - a series of seminars which focus on practical skills, varying from surviving panels, reviews and vivas to avoiding ethical and plagiarism pitfalls and presenting your work at conferences.
  3. Writing and publications - these seminars focus on developing your writing skills right from the initial literature review through to publishing your research.
  4. Structured writing opportunities - we offer 3 off-campus writing retreats each academic year and a 'writing room' is available once a week during term-time to help students put aside time to undertake some focused writing.
  5. Career Planning - A series of 3 seminars on preparing to secure an academic post, developing an on-line portfolio and making successful applications for academic jobs.

For further information and timings of specific seminars, please refer to the Research Training Seminars Booket.