BBA (Study Abroad): A year in North America, Asia or Australasia

If you are accepted on the BBA (Study Abroad) degree, you will spend your second year at a leading university in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia or New Zealand.

In recent years these have included: Boston College, Berkeley (California), Texas A&M, Richmond, Wisconsin, McGill (Montreal), Monash (Australia), La Trobe (Australia), York (Toronto), Colorado, NUS (Singapore), Hong Kong City, University of British Columbia (Canada) and many more.

Your courses will count towards your Lancaster degree. They will be similar in content to those you would have taken if you had stayed at Lancaster, though your experiences will be very different.

When you have completed your exchange year at a university abroad, you rejoin the standard BBA programme, and spend your third year on work placement.

Once you are accepted onto the BBA programme, there may be the opportunity to transfer onto the Study Abroad degree, subject to progress in your first year and the availability of exchange places.