What makes the BBA different?

Firstly, you will have the opportunity to study a wide range of management subjects, including economics, marketing, accounting, operations, organisational behaviour, entrepreneurship, ethics and strategy, as well as management itself and consulting. All graduates of the BBA comment on this great variety and choice which gives a complete overview of what is needed to work in business.

Secondly, you will spend the third of your four years on an industrial placement where you can develop practical skills through taking on real responsibility, whilst also being paid. Students are located in organisations throughout the UK, and a small number even go to Europe for the year.

Study abroad

There is also the opportunity for you to take part in the Study Abroad Programme either during your second year, or in the first half of your final year. We currently have final-year exchanges with top European business schools such as Erasmus (Rotterdam) and Mannheim where all teaching is in English, and we are actively seeking further top-quality partners.

Practical managerial skills

A key focus of the BBA is developing practical managerial skills, in particular teamworking, leadership abilities, problem solving and effective communication. In the second year you will undertake a ten-week team project for a local business, where you are consultants looking at a real issue and feeding back recommendations to the organisation. In the final year you take part in a strategic management simulation exercise where your team is in charge of an airline company. This is in competition with other teams of BBA students and provides experience of running a business.

Community spirit

A final point about the BBA is the strong community spirit that exists among students on the degree. Through the core management modules that take place each year at Lancaster, BBA students quickly get to know each other, completing group projects, undertaking presentations and enjoying team-building events.

As a recent graduate put it: “The BBA is like an extended family because everyone, not just the staff, is there to help”.

Course options

Options can be taken in areas such as accounting and finance, economics, entrepreneurship, management science, marketing and organisational behaviour. It is also possible to take up to two units outside the Management School in subjects such as law or languages.