Jamie Talbot

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Owner and MD, Skyline Marketing

I chose to study at LUMS because it is consistently among the UK’s top five management schools, it's got an excellent reputation and a great campus and college atmosphere.

What I liked most about the BSc Business Studies degree was the ability to choose from a large variety of modules across a wide range of subject areas, which provide a great basis for many management careers. Many courses also involved a lot of group projects which added something different to the degree.

When I was studying I found it really important to ask for help and arrange meetings with tutors. Some students feel a little bit scared to be asking questions to tutors all the time, but you just have to remember it's your degree, so you need to make sure you make the most of it. And the tutors are really friendly – not scary at all!

I found that the hardest thing during my degree was the adjustment to 'self learning' and having the self-motivation to complete all the work. In the end, though, I think I got the 'work-play' balance just right. I saw my time as not just trying to obtain the best degree classification possible, but as a whole experience. The lifestyle at Lancaster University really is amazing and I will definitely miss it. The social side made up a large part of my university life and I went out often but still managed to work hard on my degree.

I definitely gained a lot from my time at Lancaster, including general life skills, independence, and self-motivation. And it's helped me develop a lot as a person, and given me the opportunity to meet loads of new people, many of whom I will remain in contact with far into the future.

On graduation I started work as a Trainee Management Consultant at Midlands Consulting Centre, a marketing services and customer acquisition firm in Birmingham. The company runs a structured programme to allow promotion through various stages up to managing director of a new office within 8-10 months.

Jamie now has his own marketing company, Skyline Marketing.