Xin Zhang

Country of origin: China

HR Co-ordinator, Arbitrage Magazine

LUMS has a world-class reputation and the flexible BSc Business Studies degree appealed to me a lot. The School not only provides knowledge but also offers practical opportunities to explore yourself and to have a range of different experiences. As a top management school, LUMS provides a well-rounded environment for you to really develop yourself.

The flexibility was my favourite point about the degree. As an international student this flexible degree provided me with a good chance to choose what I really wanted to know from such a world-class school.

As well as studying for my degree, I joined 'Create' to be a volunteer, and worked as an administrator in the University’s Alumni and Development Office and as a translator in the International Office. These wonderful experiences helped me to achieve the Lancaster Award.

My experiences at Lancaster have helped me to become a different person, as they gave me the opportunity to explore my personality and ambitions. The people I met and the work I did in Lancaster taught me a lot of lessons to see the world from different angles, and gave me opportunities to discovery my potential. A good university not only provides knowledge, but also develops students to achieve their personal goals.

It is important to have good time management skills in order to make the most of your time at Lancaster. There are a lot of opportunities for you to experience new things and interesting activities, but the most important thing is your degree!