What Will You Study

Studying Accounting and Finance at Lancaster provides you with the tools to develop both technical knowledge and a broad understanding of the discipline and its application in the business world. These programmes are accredited by all the major British accountancy bodies, providing graduates with exemptions from many of these bodies’ core examinations.

Your core courses cover Financial and Managerial Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Finance and Quantitative Methods. You can also focus on your interests with optional modules including Business Law, Taxation and Corporate Finance.

You’ll begin your degree with the Introduction to Accounting and Finance module, plus Principles of Economics and a third subject of your choice. In your second and third years you’ll study subjects such as Principles of Financial Accounting; Statistical Methods for Business; Bond Markets; and Financial Accounting.

You can also choose to join the industry variant of this degree or the EY Scholarship Scheme during your first year at Lancaster.