What Will You Study

This double degree provides you with an international business education in an exciting two-country programme.

You will study in two prestigious universities and work in two different countries. This allows you to gain work experience in two business cultures.

On this North America variant you will study politics in your first two years at Lancaster to align with the US curriculum and to broaden your knowledge base.

In years three and four, you will study a curriculum equivalent to that in the UK, but taught at the prestigious Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, allowing you to experience the culture of that country. You will then graduate from both universities, with two degrees

This course also offers you the opportunity to become internationally adaptable as you will undertake four months of work experience in the partner country during your third or fourth year. This allows you to develop sound professional and technical knowledge alongside practical management skills, enhancing your attractiveness to prospective employers.

You will receive two degree awards: one from Lancaster and also one from the partner institution.