What Will You Study

Our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) double degrees are four-year integrated programmes, where you spend two years in Lancaster and two overseas. You will emerge from your academic studies equipped with sound professional and technical knowledge of management disciplines combined with practical managerial skills and experience. You will also have concrete experiences and invaluable insights into the culture and customs of other countries, as well as fluency in another European language.

You start your degree at Lancaster, studying subjects such as Introduction to Management; Introduction to Financial Accounting for Managers; and Introduction to Operations Management. In your second year, you will follow modules including Introduction to Finance; Management Accounting for Business Decisions; and Management and Consulting: Practice and Technique.

In both years you must also choose an appropriate language course within the Department of Languages and Cultures. In the summer vacations of the first two years, all students undertake an approved work placement of approximately ten weeks.

You will spend your third and final years abroad, studying at the prestigious CESEM in Reims, France. You transfer to the partner university at the beginning of your third year and take courses such as Managerial Economics and Introduction to Operations Management. You will also undertake a six-month work placement in the country where you’re studying, typically starting in the middle of your third year.

At the end of the four years, you will be awarded two degrees: BBA Hons from Lancaster and the corresponding degree of the partner university.