What Will You Study

People with an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset are critical to the global economy. On our degree you will develop this mindset through learning how to evaluate new ideas, creating and developing opportunities and engaging with the real challenges of taking innovative and sustainable ideas to markets.

These are the actions of individuals who focus on getting things done, and those who want to make change for the better - whether this is within an existing organisation, or the creation of a new venture. This degree will enable you to develop and reflect on the key skills that will enable you to make this happen. We do this by immersing you in a network of world-class academics and the mentorship of our successful, diverse and dynamic Entrepreneurs-in Residence.

An entrepreneurial mindset will enable you to make change happen. Being able to demonstrate entrepreneurial capabilities is something which is sought after by investors, valued by employers, and aimed for by employees. 

How you will you develop an entrepreneurial mindset?

Unlike traditional management programmes, this programme is designed to prepare you to think and act entrepreneurially and innovatively. This can be achieved either within the context of large organisations, small and growing ventures, or by starting your own new venture.  Learning about entrepreneurship will provide you with a unique lens to view different approaches to your personal and career aspirations, empower you to make things happen and prepare you to become resilient to the everyday challenges you may face. 

How is the programme delivered?

The programme offers a unique opportunity to build your entrepreneurial skills such as opportunity recognition, collaboration, negotiation and effective communication. Drawing on world-leading pedagogies for teaching entrepreneurship, you will be exposed to the challenges of starting and finishing projects, individually and as a team. You will also take responsibility for your ideas, gather resources and utilise the academic tools provided to turn them into opportunities and fulfilling achievements.  

Throughout the degree you will be developing the skills and experiences that will not only give you the confidence to start your own business, but will make you stand out if you choose a career with graduate employers.

You will also spend the third year of your degree either working in an organisation or studying abroad in one of partner universities around the world. Both of these opportunities will allow you to gain invaluable experience for your future career including cultural awareness, networking skills and an insight into how entrepreneurship and innovation are an intrinsic part of the global economy.

What is special about our degree?

  • Focus on practice:  our degree is built around blending practice with theory. Learning on this course comes from experiences of what works (and does not work) in practice, guided by excellent research and extensive hands-on business experience of our faculty.
  • Work experience throughout the degree: by bringing entrepreneurs and real challenges to the classroom our degree offers students the platform for developing entrepreneurial capability. The degree also offers an opportunity of real-life experience through multiple engagements with external stakeholders
  • A global perspective: our programme offers the basis for building long term relationships with a diverse group of regional, national and global Entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs come from a wide range of industries and will work side-by-side with you to develop your entrepreneurial skills, networks and careers.
  • Like-minded people: we understand that you are probably looking for similar doers. Therefore, our degree offers numerous opportunities to engage and connect with other students as well as links to the wider support available at Lancaster for entrepreneurship in general.