What Will You Study

The world is continually changing and every business, small or large, needs people with entrepreneurial skills and behaviours. The BSc Entrepreneurship and Management degree is designed to prepare you to think and act entrepreneurially, whether in the context of large organisations, in small and growing companies, or in starting a new venture. Learning about entrepreneurship is about taking a different approach to your personal and career aspirations, empowering you to make things happen, as well as being resilient to the challenges you may face.

Our Entrepreneurship and Management degrees are different to other Management degrees. They offer the opportunity to build entrepreneurial skills such as creativity, opportunity recognition, sales, finance, entrepreneurial leadership and effective communication. Drawing on world-leading theories for teaching entrepreneurship, you will develop an entrepreneurial mindset through being exposed to the challenges of entrepreneurial projects that involve taking responsibility for creating new ideas, gathering resources and delivering solutions that meet customers’ needs.

Throughout your course you will take a wide range of optional courses, covering areas such as Management, Accounting and Finance, Economics, Marketing and Management Science as well as compulsory specialist courses in entrepreneurship and innovation.

You’ll begin your degree with first-year core modules including Entrepreneurship: Key Debates and Concepts; and An Introduction to Management. You can also choose another option from within the Management School.

The second year will be about gathering pace and developing your entrepreneurial mindset and skills. During your second year, you will study a number of modules which will include:

  • Social innovation challenge
  • Networking for entrepreneurship
  • Selling for entrepreneurs
  • Finance for entrepreneurship
  • Product and service innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Business Start-up

You will then choose between spending your third year in industry, or studying abroad at a partner University or a combination of both. Both of these opportunities will allow you to gain invaluable experience for your future career including cultural awareness, networking skills and an insight into how entrepreneurship and innovation are an intrinsic part of the global economy.

In the final year, we will focus on preparing you to use your entrepreneurial skills in the job market. During your final year you will study some of the following modules:

  • Business model innovation
  • Building and leading entrepreneurial teams
  • Social contexts of entrepreneurship
  • Family Business
  • Essentials of Strategic Management
  • Gender and Entrepreneurship in a Global Context