What Will You Study

Our Management and Organisational Behaviour degrees offer you a wide-ranging programme where you will study management theory alongside psychology, sociology and history. Our teaching approach blends academic material with practical insights and exercises, enabling a critical understanding of the complex world of work and organisations.

Our degrees enable you to explore many areas of organisational life. This includes how people are managed in organisations, the different approaches to people management and an examination of how organisational actions affect life in contemporary societies.

You start your degree studying the core module Management and Organisational Behaviour and take two other Part One courses. We recommend choosing Management School or Social Sciences courses, but the choice is yours.

In your second year, you’ll deepen your understanding with modules including Managing People, Business Ethics and Human Resource Management.

In your final year, you can choose from a range of modules such as International HRM, HRM: Theory and Practice, Ethics and Sustainability and Organisational Change.

This degree can be extended into a four-year course where you undertake an industrial placement during your third year.