What Will You Study

In addition to giving you an excellent grounding in Marketing, the course allows you to experience a broad range of learning experiences, such as group projects, enabling you to grow your personal as well as academic skills. You will be able to explore a broad range of modules, both in Marketing and in other subject areas, thereby giving you a breadth of knowledge and experience.

Through your core modules, you will learn about the role and importance of market research and analysis, as well as gaining an understanding of consumer behaviour. You will also learn about Marketing as a management function and socio-cultural phenomenon and develop your knowledge of marketing strategy and industrial marketing.

We make sure all our students have opportunities to gain real world experience, and this course is no exception. On this three-year programme, you will carry out market research projects with ‘live’ clients – including international brands, agencies, charities and local industries – to develop your professional consulting abilities and allow you to apply the theoretical knowledge you have gained to the real world.

Graduates have gone on to positions as Market Research Assistants, Assistant Brand Managers, Account Executives, and Marketing Managers among others.