What Will You Study

Studying our combined Marketing with Psychology degree gives you the opportunity to learn in the quadruple-accredited Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) as well as the Department of Psychology.

Your degree will give you an in-depth understanding of human psychology; how consumers make purchasing decisions; and how you can influence business relationships through Marketing strategies. Your course covers a range of modules in both subjects, enabling you to understand how consumers think, feel and make decisions.

You’ll begin your degree with a core first-year marketing module, which provides a rigorous introduction to key concepts and techniques in marketing and Introduction to Psychology courses, along with a third subject of your choice from across the university. In the second year you will study subjects such as Marketing Research; Marketing in the Supply Chain; Consumer Behaviour; Cognitive Psychology; and Social Psychology. In your final year, you’ll be able to choose options alongside compulsory modules in Strategic Marketing; Advanced Topics in Consumer Behaviour; and Advanced Social Psychology.