BBA International Business Management alumni profiles

With time spent at our international partner universities, and a double degree, our graduates have a great track record in employability. Find out what they thought about this unique degree.



Angelika Kronen

BBA International Business Management, 2016

Angelika is continuing her studies at the University of York, where she will go on to do a postgraduate degree in Accounting and Financial Management.

Philippa Pointon

BBA European Management (French), 2013

Philippa fully embraced the International Business Management BBA course, with two years abroad, and an internship in France.

Coline Chabrat

BBA European Management (French), 2013

Coline took part in the BBA International Business Management scheme, where she studied both in France and Lancaster.

Agnes Roggentin

BBA European Management (French), 2013

Agnes was drawn to LUMS by the experience of her elder brother, who did the same degree.

Emilie Stevenson

BBA European Management (French), 2011

An internship at JPMorgan Chase opened the way to a graduate job for Emilie after graduating.

Danilo Melle

BBA European Management (Italian), 2011

Danilo now works at Credit Suisse as Assistant Vice President Relationship Manager.

Svenja Wagenmann

BBA European Management (German), 2010

Svenja studied in Lancaster and Reutlingen and now works in marketing for Danone.

Ross McLelland

BBA European Management (French), 2010

Ross studied for two years in Reims, France, as part of his degree and completed two placements in the UK and one in Paris.

René Schmutzler

BBA European Management (German), 2010

After completing internships with McKinsey, Daimler and Nestlé, René joined McKinsey as a consultant.

Isabelle Rücker

BBA European Management (German), 2009

Isabelle did several placements as well as spending two years in Germany. She is now an Industry Manager for Google in Germany.