Emilie Stevenson

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Associate, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The degree which Emilie studied, BBA European Management (French), is no longer available. It has been superseded by BBA International Business Management (French).

My main reason for choosing to study at LUMS was the BBA International Business Management course. The unique programme, which allowed me to study for two years at LUMS and two years in France, helped me to not only develop business knowledge but also learn and understand a foreign language and culture. 

In addition to studying, the BBA International Business Management also gave me the opportunity to complete two internships, thus providing great practical experience. I completed a three-month summer internship at JPMorgan Chase in London, where I worked in Financial Control for a trading desk, and a six-month internship at AstraZeneca in Paris, where I worked as a financial analyst for the Direct Sales department.

Even though the first internship while at Lancaster is not compulsory for BBA students, I would recommend that all students aim to complete one during the summer between their second and third year. My first internship definitely helped to open doors during my time abroad when searching for an internship and also when applying for graduate programmes.

I liked that my degree gave me the possibility to apply the subjects that I had studied at Lancaster to real life business issues during the practical internships. My degree gave me the opportunity to live in London and Paris, and, while completing an internship in a foreign language and environment is challenging, I found the experience extremely rewarding. 

Studying at Lancaster was really enjoyable, the people are welcoming and the courses are really well designed and interesting. The University is an amazing place to live and there is a great atmosphere on campus. There are so many opportunities while at Lancaster to participate in activities and sports outside of the normal degree programmes, which made my experience there even more memorable.

I rejoined JPMorgan Chase in September 2011 as a Finance Analyst on their Graduate programme.