Student societies

Joining a society which is in line with your interests is a great part of student life. There's a huge amount going on at Lancaster, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

At LUMS, the various student societies at LUMS relating to business are brought together under the Lancaster University Management School Association (LUMSA).

LUMSA serves as an umbrella organisation, and its mission is to maximise student welfare by helping and advising societies on how to increase the number and quality of activities at LUMS. The LUMSA board serves as a forum for enhanced communication and coordination between societies. All the major societies at Lancaster University Management School participate, representing a total of more than 1000 members.

LUMSA also organises the annual Red Rose Business Weekend – an opportunity to showcase Lancaster's finest business talent.

Why join a LUMS society?

  • It will increase your employability
  • It’s fun!
  • You will have an opportunity to meet like-minded people and network
  • You will develop teamwork and leadership skills

Among the societies that form part of LUMSA are:

Economics Society

The Economics Society is run with the mission to increase students’ knowledge about current economical issues and to be a valuable resource to students at LUMS. 

Bright Futures Lancaster

Bright Futures is a society that cooperates with graduate employers, students and other partners, coaching undergraduates in the skills to get their desired job, and to excel in their chosen career path. The entire portfolio of personal development activities is designed with the aim of helping members to achieve future success.

Lancaster University Investment & Finance Society

Lancaster University Investment & Finance Society is the premier academic student society focusing on supporting students with their career plans in the financial sector. Its members show a high interest in accounting and finance.

Society of the International Partnership of Business Schools

LUSIPBS, the Lancaster University branch of the Society of International Partnership of Business Schools, represents students on the BBA in European Management, a unique programme organised in a partnership of leading business schools in eight countries. Its members constitute a highly international body of highly-skilled students with very diverse interests in business.

Marketing Society

This society helps students to understand that marketing goes far beyond the theoretical knowledge gained during the lectures. To achieve this aim, the society actively looks for guest speakers from industry to show what marketing in the 'real world' looks like. Furthermore, marketing simulations are organised to test members' knowledge.

Enactus Lancaster

Enactus Lancaster is an international student-led organisation which seeks to change lives through economic opportunity. It runs local and international projects such as maintaining water pumps in developing countries and teaching financial literacy to those working in cottage industries in Tanzania. Local projects include free seminars for business leaders and organising a farmers market on the University campus.

Lancaster Entrepreneurs

This society for entrepreneurially minded students organises high-profile events for its members such as talks by successful entrepreneurs. Lancaster Entrepreneurs also provides creative workshops to help students develop transferable skills.

Consultancy Society

Offering a gateway to one of the most highly sought-after careers post-graduation, the Consultancy Society provides the opportunity to take on challenging, fulfilling, and impactful work in the world’s largest companies.