Undergraduate placement profiles

For many students undertaking a 12-month placement as part of their degree is the stepping stone to a great career. Find out what our students and graduates think of their time spent on placement.



Hazel Morton

BBA Management, 2014

Hazel worked as a recruitment consultant for SW6 Associates as part of her degree.

Rebecca Carlin

BA Management and Organisation, 2014

During her placement year Rebecca worked for Lancaster University's Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development.

Milo Mannion

BBA Management, 2014

As part of his degree Milo spent a year working for The Walt Disney Company.

Steven Szoltysek

BA Management and Entrepreneurship, 2014

Steven spent his placement year as a Project Support Assistant for Bupa International in Brighton.

Rebecca Hurst

BBA Management, 2014

Rebecca completed an industrial placement with Aldi as part of her degree, and then joined the company on the graduate scheme.

Kim van Heerden

BSc Marketing Management, 2014

Kim's placement year was spent with Microsoft in London.

Peggy Wu

BSc Marketing Management, 2014

Peggy completed a year-long placement with Latitude Digital Marketing in Warrington.

Vicky Ward

BA Management and Entrepreneurship, 2014

Vicky worked as a LEGO Club Intern during her placement year in Slough.

Alexandra Barber

BSc Marketing Management, 2014

Alexandra worked as a Girls Assistant Brand Manager during her placement with Mattel.

Elinor Brewer

BSc Marketing Management, 2014

Elinor worked for Johnson & Johnson in Maidenhead during her placement year.

Sophie Forster

BBA Management, 2014

Sophie completed a year-long placement as a consultant in enterprise risk services with Deloitte.

Felicity Mattos

BBA Management, 2014

Felicity completed her year-long placement with Microsoft in Reading.