Husain Husain

Country of origin: India

BA Management and Entrepreneurship

Before going to China I was worried about how I could spend three weeks in a country that was completely different to the one I am used to: the culture, the food, the language. Initially it was difficult to buy food and do day-to-day activities as nobody understood English, made worse by the fact that the airline lost my baggage and I had to try to explain this to the Chinese lady at the airport counter!

But this difficulty became an opportunity as it forced me to practice my Mandarin. I had two hours of language lessons every day, and that really helped me improve my conversational skills. I also had lessons on Chinese business studies that were effective in understanding how the Chinese do business and what their attitudes and beliefs are.

Travelling around Guangzhou and meeting Chinese people has completely changed my perception of China and has helped me to realise the cultural depth China has. The International Summer School Programme in China was one of the best experiences I've ever had, and I'd love to go back to China one day.