Moyo Oyelade

Country of origin: Nigeria

Complaints Analyst, Bank of America

Moyo attended a three-week summer school in China during the summer vacation in the second year of her degree. Following a competitive process, she was also awarded a scholarship, provided by the Lancaster China Management Centre, to assist with the associated travel costs.

There are a number of reasons why I chose to come to Lancaster University. From being a top-ten university, to providing me with a broad and flexible course structure, lots of development opportunities for students (both personal and career-wise), as well as operating a collegiate system....the list goes on. The environment and general atmosphere on campus makes the student experience one to remember!

The Management and Organisation degree has helped me realise the importance of managing people within organisations and the strategies that make organisations, people and society as a whole more efficient. I undertook a number of roles in the Management School, with most involving working directly with people – such as being a tour guide and mentoring international students. The experience of mentoring international students influenced my decision to apply for the Sun Yat-sen University summer school programme offered by LUMS.

Having done some research into the Sun Yat-sen summer school programme in China, I was delighted to learn about the vast opportunities available for cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural learning. I am always interested in learning about different cultures and economies in order to broaden my international horizon and enhance my international competence, so this summer school was the perfect opportunity for me to do this.

The experience in China was truly amazing. It was completely different from the UK in many respects - the weather, food, dressing, teaching style and overall culture. The summer school lasted three weeks, and even within this short time there was a lot of learning and cultural immersion to get involved in.

With other participants on the programme who had come from other countries, I had Chinese classes in the mornings and in the afternoons I took economics. I was placed in the level I Chinese class for beginners since I was a beginner and I decided to join the Economics class in order to learn about the Chinese economy. As well as Mandarin, the Chinese cultural classes  included Chinese calligraphy, creating Peking opera masks and paper-cutting which are all very popular in Chinese culture.

I visited a number of cultural sites in the Guangzhou area such as the Guangdong Provincial Museum which showcases historic folk, art and nature of the Guangdong province. I also went shopping and sightseeing with friends I made from the programme and I was able to learn more about their famous festivals, religions and taboos and appreciated how different most of them were from mine, improving my interpersonal skills in the process.

On returning to Lancaster, I found that I now have a different perspective of other people's cultures and I really enjoy being in multicultural environments. The summer school experience has also helped me to develop a positive attitude towards change. I am also more sensitive when dealing with people in general, especially international students, and respect differences in cultures and practices. With regards to my course, a visit to a company in China has helped me understand a lot more the notion of spatial relocation in different industries and the effect it has on workers, organisations and the economy.

I definitely had a great time in China and would advise LUMS students to take advantage of these opportunities offered by the Management School whenever possible.

After graduating I have obtained a position on the graduate scheme with MBNA (Bank of America) dealing with payment protection insurance.