Opportunities to work with the LUMS Effective Learning team

Why not get involved in supporting other students with their academic study, and in the process develop your interpersonal and employability skills?

Become a guide on the Part I Transition Guide Scheme

Each year, we recruit around 40-50 volunteer student guides to participate in the Part I Transition Guide Scheme, which aims to support new international LUMS student to make a successful transition to higher education in the UK. The student guides are matched up with new incoming international students, and meet their ‘guidees’ regularly during the first two terms to work through a study topic together.  Guides are trained and given all the materials they need.

Volunteer guides are second or final year undergraduate students. They need to be motivated and friendly, and can be from any country and any department. By participating, the volunteer guides can gain interpersonal skills, cross-cultural awareness and leadership skills. Contact the Effective Learning team on lums.effectivelearning@lancaster.ac.uk for more information.

Become a student mentor for international direct entry students

Every year, around 30 students from universities in China and India join LUMS in their second or third year. These students only have a short time to learn how everything works and get used to UK academic practices, so we match them with a small group of student mentors to support them. Mentors share their experience and give the incoming students advice on studying in LUMS.

Mentors are paid per hour and need to be in the final year of their degree. They must be available in Intro Week and for a total of 6-10 hours in Michaelmas and Lent terms. Mentoring is a great way to pass on your insider knowledge and get to know new people. Contact the Effective Learning team on lums.effectivelearning@lancaster.ac.uk for more information.

Become a writing mentor in the Academic Writing Zone 

Every year, we recruit around 12 mentors to work in the LUMS Academic Writing Zone. Mentors are specially trained and paid to provide one-to-one consultations with LUMS students on aspects of academic writing.

Writing mentors can be final year undergraduate, Masters or PhD students, and must be approachable, thoughtful and understanding, as well as really good at academic writing. Recruitment starts in summer term. Contact Gill Burgess on lums.effectivelearning@lancaster.ac.uk for more information.