Charikleia Oikonomou

PhD student

Research Overview

Charikleia Oikonomou is a PhD student working on wave energy related applications, under the supervision of Dr. George Aggidis. She obtained her Ptychion from the University of the Aegean, in Marine Sciences (240 ECTS), where she worked on dynamical systems and applications in Ecology for her dissertation. In 2013 she completed an internship at the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht (IMAU), working on the modelling of the formation and evolution of nearshore sandbars. Subsequently she enrolled in the MSc Physical Oceanography at School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University (Wales). Since October 2014, she is part of the Lancaster University Renewable Energy Group (LUREG). Through her research she is interested in the modelling of the wave climate and its association with the deployment and performance of Wave energy converters.

Wave energy resource assessment and device selection
Oikonomou, C., Aggidis, G. 27/11/2015

Processes leading to the formation of Hybrid event beds: a field study
Oikonomou, C., Ja-Momoh, A., Aggidis, G. 2015 In: 11ο Πανελλήνιο Συμπόσιο Ωκεανογραφίας & Αλιείας. p. 1045-1048. 4 p.

Wave energy resource assessment in the seas around Greece: estimation and prospects
Oikonomou, C., Aggidis, G. 2015 In: SCACR2015- International Short Course/Conference on Applied Coastal Research.