What is Materials Science?

The development of new materials, their characterisation and modelling, is an essential part of modern technology.

Materials Science is a highly attractive research proposition, a generator of impact, and a platform with strong potential for interdisciplinary teaching at both UG and PG levels. It is a cross-discipline field of study that is practised at world-class, research-led UK universities and equivalent universities globally.

Materials research is one of the most significant for external research grant income in the UK and internationally. For example, the EPSRC portfolio currently lists £1.6 billion of research funding broadly under materials, with materials research appearing under diverse categories such as:

  • manufacturing technologies
  • photonic materials
  • materials for energy
  • polymer materials
  • metamaterials
  • materials engineering
  • biomaterials
  • graphene
  • nanotechnology
  • design
  • complex fluids
  • rheology

Moreover, it is an area where a critical mass of expertise can be particularly important for funding from research councils and industry, in the face of increasing research concentration, and hence there is a strategic need to pull together Lancaster’s world-leading strengths in materials research.