The Materials Science Institute is comprised of some of the most distinguished academics from across Lancaster University.

Professor Rob Short

Professor and Director of the Material Science Institute

Rob has a track record of research and commercialisation in the fields of thin film coatings, biomaterial science and life science tools research. Over a 25 year career in academia and industry, he has published over 200 papers and is an inventor on 10 distinct patents that underpin products sold globally.

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Dr Timothy Douglas

Lecturer in Bio-Chemical Engineering

Dr John Griffin

Lecturer in Materials Chemistry

John's research interests concern the study of structure and mechanisms in materials - in particular, those with energy storage or conversion applications. This will involve using solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, a powerful analytical technique that can provide detailed information about the atomic-scale structure, disorder and dynamics.

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Dr John Hardy

Lecturer in Materials Chemistry

John is a multidisciplinary scientist with experience in chemistry, materials science, pharmacy and biomedical engineering. He is interested in developing materials for drug delivery, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. John is particularly interested in bioelectronics (e.g. biodegradable conducting polymers, 3D printable conducting polymers) for drug delivery, tissue engineering and neuromodulation.

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Dr Benjamin Robinson

Lecturer in Physics and Functional Materials

Benjamin holds a 50th Anniversary Lectureship in Physics and Functional Materials based within the Physics Department and the new Materials Science Institute at Lancaster University. Benjamin's research interests are highly interdisciplinary and concern advanced functional materials, surfaces and interfaces.

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Dr Svetlana Zolotovskaya

Lecturer in Materials Science and Engineering

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Professor Hans Griesser

Visiting Researcher