Research Themes

Having brought together Materials-related specialists from across the University, research foci were identified from a number of disciplines. From these four initial over-arching themes were identified.

  • Nanomaterials design and characterization – including soft nanomaterials (biological (nano-medical, bioengineered), surfactant etc.), electrochemical nanomaterials, 2D nanomaterials and photonic nanomaterials.
  • Material Synthesis, Additive Manufacturing / 3D laser printing – (from the nano to macro scale), modelling, design, property analysis and Material degradation, (including recovery of materials from waste).
  • Applications and advanced materials futures – applications of these new materials in computing, displays, building design, next generation broadband, medical devices, isolating novel micro-organisms, etc. and societal acceptance of these new concepts, the interaction of materials in systems and devices, and with the environment.
  • Bio-materials