Key Contacts

Head of Department

Dr Alexander Belton CMath, CSci, FIMA, SFHEA

Head of Department, Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

Analysis and Probability

+44 (0)1524 592371 B55, B - Floor, Fylde College

Departmental Administrator

Lauren Emery

Departmental Administrator, Departmental Officer

+44 (0)1524 593963 B04, B - Floor, Fylde College

Head of Undergraduate Teaching

Dr Mark MacDonald

Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

Algebra and Geometry

+44 (0)1524 593955 B12, B - Floor, Fylde College

Head of Postgraduate Teaching

Dr Deborah Costain

Senior Lecturer in Statistics

Statistical Methods in Medicine, STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training

+44 (0)1524 594666

Undergraduate Admissions

Dr James Groves

Teaching & Recruitment Officer, Further Maths Support Prgrm Area Co-ord

+44 (0)1524 592378 B13, B - Floor, Fylde College

Nicola Wylie

Departmental Recruitment, Conversion and Marketing Coordinator

+44 (0)1524 595013 B64, B - Floor, Fylde College

Taught Postgraduate Admissions Tutor

Dr Robin Mitra

Lecturer in Statistics

+44 (0)1524 593913

Research Students Admissions Tutor (Pure Mathematics)

Professor Gabor Elek

Professor of Pure Mathematics

Algebra and Geometry, Analysis and Probability

+44 (0)1524 594746

Research Students Admissions Tutor (Statistics)

Dr Juhyun Park

Lecturer in Statistics

Modelling and Inference, STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training

+44 (0)1524 593606 B80, B - Floor, PSC

Undergraduate Administration

George Moran

Undergraduate Admissions & Part I Co-ordinator

+44 (0)1524 593960 B03, B - Floor, Fylde College

Julia Tawn

Part II Co-ordinator

+44 (0)1524 592397 B03, B - Floor, Fylde College

Postgraduate Administration

Sharon Bryan

Administrative Assistant

+44 (0)1524 595069 B02, B - Floor, Fylde College

Jane Hall

PG Co-ordinator

+44 (0)1524 593964 B02, B - Floor, Fylde College

Angela Mercer

Short Courses & MSc Secretary

+44 (0)1524 593064

Chair of Equality and Diversity Committee

Dr Natasha Blitvic

Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

+44 (0)1524 593062

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and Disability Groups Representative

Dr Amanda Turner

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics & Statistics

Analysis and Probability, STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training

+44 (0)1524 593948 B54, B - Floor, Fylde College

General Enquiries

If you would like to make a general enquiry please email and one of the department team will contact you.