Katie Steckles

Maths's Greatest Unsolved Puzzles

14.05-14.50, Florence Nightingale Day, December 2015

Mathematicians are undoubtedly brilliant, and their work is used in all kinds of amazing scientific and technological discoveries - but there are still questions they can't answer. Every mathematical question is a puzzle to be solved, and while there'll be plenty of puzzles for you to chew on, we'll also discuss some of the questions that still leave mathematicians stumped - from simple-sounding number and shape problems to some truly mind-bending fundamental questions.

About Katie

Katie Steckles is a mathematician based in Manchester, who gives talks and workshops on different areas of maths. She completed a PhD in 2011, and since then has talked about maths in schools, at science festivals, at music festivals, as part of theatre shows and on the internet. She enjoys doing puzzles, solving the Rubik's cube and baking things shaped like maths.