Marianne Freiberger

Opening doors with maths

14.05-14.50, Florence Nightingale Day, January 2017

Maths is essential in a wide range of jobs in a variety of areas — from special effects in movies to helping people the developing world. We have a look at some examples from the Plus magazine careers library. See where maths can take you!

About Marianne

Marianne has a PhD in maths from Queen Mary, University of London. After working as a postoc for three years, she became editor of Plus magazine (, a free online magazine about maths aimed at a general audience. In her role as Plus editor she writes articles about mathematics and related sciences, usually based on interviews with mathematicians, and also produces videos and podcasts. She co-authored, with Rachel Thomas, the popular maths books Numericon: A journey through the hidden lives of numbers (Quercus, 2014), Maths Squared (Quantum Books, 2016) and co-edited the book 50: Visions of mathematics (OUP, 2014).