Dr Amanda Turner


Research Interests

  • Probability theory
  • Complex analysis
  • Mathematical physics
  • Random growth models
  • Scaling limits of stochastic models

Small-particle limits in a regularized Laplacian random growth model
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Journal article

Weak convergence of the localized disturbance flow to the coalescing Brownian flow
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Journal article

Bayesian sample sizes for exploratory clinical trials comparing multiple experimental treatments with a control
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Journal article

Partial stochastic dominance for the multivariate Gaussian distribution
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Journal article

Hastings-Levitov aggregation in the small-particle limit
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Journal article

Scaling limits of anisotropic Hastings-Levitov clusters.
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Journal article

A quantitative probabilistic investigation into the accumulation of rounding errors in numerical ODE solution.
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Journal article

Planar aggregation and the Brownian web
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Planar aggregation and the coalescing Brownian flow.
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Journal article

Convergence of Markov processes near saddle fixed points.
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