Dr Daniel Elton


Research Interests

  • Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
  • Spectral Theory
  • Mathematical Physics

Eigenvalues of a one-dimensional Dirac operator pencil
Elton, D., Levitin, M., Polterovich, I. 12/2014 In: Annales Henri Poincaré. 15, 12, p. 2321-2377. 57 p.
Journal article

Modelling across extremal dependence classes
Wadsworth, J., Tawn, J., Davison, A., Elton, D. 2013 , 23 p.
Working paper

Eigenvalue counting estimates for a class of linear spectral pencils with applications to zero modes
Elton, D., Ta, T.N. 15/07/2012 In: Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 391, 2, p. 613-618. 6 p.
Journal article

A class of spherical and elliptical distributions with Gaussian-like limit properties
Sherlock, C., Elton, D. 2012 In: Interational Journal of Statistics and Probability. 2012, 17 p.
Journal article

The Bethe-Sommerfeld conjecture for the 3-Dimensional periodic Landau operator.
Elton, D.M. 1/11/2004 In: Reviews in Mathematical Physics. 16, 10, p. 1259-1290. 32 p.
Journal article

The local structure of the set of zero mode producing magnetic potentials.
Elton, D.M. 08/2002 In: Communications in Mathematical Physics. 229, 1, p. 121-139. 19 p.
Journal article

Fredholm properties of elliptic operators on R.
Elton, D.M. 1/12/2001 In: Dissertationes Mathematicae (Rozprawy Matematyczne). 399, p. 1-72. 72 p.
Journal article

Spectral properties of the equation (' + ieA) ' u = '?
Elton, D.M. 1/10/2001 In: Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Section A Mathematics. 131, 5, p. 1065-1089. 25 p.
Journal article