Dr Philip Jonathan

Honorary Researcher

Research Overview

Personal web page: www.lancs.ac.uk/~jonathan

Alternative email: philip.jonathan@shell.com

On the spatial dependence of extreme ocean storm seas
Ross, E., Kereszturi, M., van Nee, M., Randell, D., Jonathan, P. 15/11/2017 In: Ocean Engineering. 145, Supplement C, p. 359-372. 14 p.
Journal article

Statistical downscaling for future extreme wave heights in the North Sea
Towe, R.P., Sherlock, E.F., Tawn, J.A., Jonathan, P. 1/08/2017 In: Annals of Applied Statistics. 11, 4, p. 2375–2403. 33 p.
Journal article

Bayesian inference for nonstationary marginal extremes
Randell, D., Turnbull, K., Ewans, K., Jonathan, P. 11/2016 In: Environmetrics. 27, 7, p. 439-450. 12 p.
Journal article

Assessing extremal dependence of North Sea storm severity
Kereszturi, M., Tawn, J.A., Jonathan, P. 15/05/2016 In: Ocean Engineering. 118, p. 242-259. 18 p.
Journal article

On statistical measures and ancient writing systems
Rao, R.P.N., Lee, R., Yadav, N., Vahia, M., Jonathan, P., Ziman, P. 12/2015 In: Language. 91, 4, p. e198-e205. 8 p.
Journal article

  • Modelling and Inference