Research Degrees at Lancaster

The department offers the opportunity to study for a research degree in any of the areas of interest of our staff members.

Details of our research areas may be found on our research pages and staff welcome direct contact to discuss possible projects. Lancaster is also home to the STOR-i Statistics and Operational Research Centre for Doctoral Training, and is a participant in the North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership (see below).

Students have a formal weekly meeting with their supervisor, but in most cases this is supplemented by more frequent, informal contact. Any skills gaps will be covered through additional lecture programmes or directed reading, and students have the opportunity to attend graduate lectures on topics of current research interest, national schemes such as APTS, MAGIC and NATCOR which provide PhD level courses, and take part in internal seminars for students and staff. These are an ideal opportunity to gain valuable experience of communicating ideas to an audience while also receiving feedback, which can help set future research directions.

All PhD students have their own departmental laptop, and are generously supported to attend and present work at national and international conferences. Each new PhD student is also assigned an individual peer mentor. Your mentor will be a current senior PhD student, who you can approach for guidance regarding university-related concerns that you may encounter during the first year.

The North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership offers a PhD programme within the social statistics pathway. This DTC is a collaboration between Lancaster, Manchester and Liverpool universities and offers an excellent range of PhD programme pathways and training courses for students who are part of this innovative scheme. An annual studentship competition is held with a deadline of early February for applications.

Funding is available from a variety of sources for both UK/EU and overseas students. Further information on this may be found here, on the University's Postgraduate Fees and Funding pages, or by contacting the Research Student Admissions Tutors, Dr Juhyun Park and Professor Gabor Elek.