Lancaster and Morecambe Bay

Lancaster Probability Days 2018

Tuesday May 22 - Thursday May 24

This meeting will bring together probabilists from across the UK and is supported by the London Mathematical Society (LMS), the Bank of England and the Math&Stats department of Lancaster University. It will be of particular interest to those working in the following areas: Random Matrices and Quantum SymmetriesStatistical Learning Theory, and Random permutations. Each of these topics will have one day of the meeting devoted to it, with talks from three main speakers and one PhD student in the afternoon. The mornings are reserved for discussions and collaborative work.


Random Matrices and Quantum Symmetries

These are areas of modern probability theory where the algebraic underpinnings of the theory give rise to new mathematical tools and probabilistic ideas. On this day, we will discuss recent progress in noncommutative probability and bring the audience more familiar with the classical probability up to speed on some of the essential ideas of this rapidly developing area.

Applications of Probability in Statistical Learning Theory

This research area lies at the intersection of probability theory, statistics and computer science. The focus of this day will be on theoretical foundations of learning theory, where the objective is to construct efficient automatic inference and decision-making algorithms with theoretical guarantees that require little to no human supervision to function as desired.

Modern Applications of Random Permutations

Random permutations are classical topic in probability theory but is still a very yet active area of research today. On this day we will focus on the connection of spatial random permutations to statistical mechanics, especially to the Feynman-Kac representation of the dilute Bose gas and Bose-Einstein condensation, but also the convergence of random lattice permutations to the Schramm–Loewner evolution (SLE).



Everybody is welcome to attend. Further details about the registration will be announced soon.


All talks will be held in the Postgraduate Statistics Centre Lecture Theatre (Room A54, building 48 on the campus map). Information on travelling to Lancaster University and some maps can be found in the section Travel information or here.


The schedule will be announced later.


The local organising committee consists of Natasha Blitvic, Azadeh Khaleghi (chair), Amanda Turner and Dirk Zeindler.

Please direct any enquiries to the organisers or to

Equality and Diversity

For UK-based mathematicians with caring duties the LMS has a Caring Supplementary Grant scheme which allows participants of meetings like ours to apply for help covering caring costs.