Emily Granger

Course: BSc Mathematics with Statistics (Study Abroad)

A fantastic experience

Mathematics and Statistics student Emily Granger is glad to have chosen to study at Lancaster, feeling that the excellent reputation of the Maths and Statistics Department is well-earned. “Lancaster’s Mathematics and Statistics Department has a very good reputation and now I have studied here for three years I can see why,” she says. “I would recommend this University to anyone thinking of studying maths. However, wherever you may end up going, my advice is simply to make the most of your time and your maintenance loan!”

Although Emily has greatly benefitted from the academic aspects of her degree, it was the opportunity to spend a year abroad, as well as her involvement with student societies, that proved to be the highlights of her time at Lancaster. “In my first year I tried out many things such as kayaking, climbing, going out with RocSoc (Rock Society), all of which I really enjoyed, but throughout the years what I have been most involved with is Lancaster Amnesty International Society and Lancaster Oxfam Society,” she says. “I was quite shy before coming here, but by coming to Lancaster I have been given opportunities such as being part of an executive for a society, completing an internship at the University and even living in Canada for a year! I knew that Lancaster has great study abroad opportunities and I have a strong interest in travelling. All of these (amongst others I haven’t mentioned) have not only been a lot of fun to experience, but have filled me with confidence and I feel much more prepared for what comes next after university. The opportunities that Lancaster has given me have been the best thing about studying here.”

Emily feels that the skills and knowledge that she has gained at Lancaster will prepare her effectively for her career in the future, as she wishes to undertake a career related to statistics. “I would like to become a medical or environmental statistician, or if not, work for a non-profit organisation such as Amnesty International or Oxfam,” she says.