Glen Martin

Course: BSc Mathematics

Fantastic environment

Having studied Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Computing at A-Level, Glen Martin was convinced to study at Lancaster because of our community atmosphere and outstanding mathematics degrees. “I chose Lancaster for a number of reasons,” he says. “Firstly, after visiting the campus on Open Days and Department Visit Days, I loved the welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The campus provides a comfortable and focused area in which to study and enjoy the social events. The course structure and content was highly appealing, and the use of end-of-term tests in first year was a great way to make sure you fully understood the material. In final year, the opportunity to choose modules from a wide selection meant that you could really focus on what area of maths you wanted to study.”

In addition, the excellent teaching and friendly, supportive staff proved to be the highlight of Glen’s time at university. “The best thing about studying at Lancaster is the high level of teaching,” he says. “All of the staff are extremely friendly, and most have an open door policy where you can go and ask them about any problems you are having.”

A wealth of opportunities

Glen has greatly enjoyed participating in the Archery Club since arriving at Lancaster, and his pursuit of the Lancaster Award has boosted his CV and enhanced his career prospects. “In my first year I joined the Archery Club and have been a member for all three years,” he says. “It has been highly enjoyable getting involved and learning a new sport that before coming to Lancaster I hadn’t done. There is a huge range of societies and clubs, so there really is something for everyone.

“I have also completed the Lancaster Award which is a programme designed to enhance your CV. It involves completing six (or more) activities to enhance your career prospects - for example, work experience and campus and community development. You then have to reflect on what skills you have learnt and also complete an application form and interview. I found completing the Award highly enjoyable, and it also really enhanced my CV.”

Advice and further study

When asked what his plans were after graduation, Glen replied that he is going to continue studying at Lancaster at postgraduate level, undertaking an MSc in Statistics. He has advice for prospective students wishing to study in the Department, encouraging them to take part in extracurricular activities and to take advantage of the extensive support offered by the University. “I would say to get involved with activities outside your course to enjoy your time here - it is amazing how quickly the three years passes,” he says. “Also, don’t be afraid to go ask for help from the staff if needed. I found it daunting at first, but soon I realised that they are friendly and often want to help.”