Study Abroad

A number of our four-year MSci courses include the option to spend the third year of your degree studying abroad at one of our partner institutions.

These include universities in the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand - which institution you choose to study at is entirely up to you, although places are subject to availability. An overwhelming majority of our students find studying abroad to be a hugely positive experience. It develops your self-confidence, allows you to immerse yourself in an entirely new culture and new ways of learning, and gives you memories and experiences to last a lifetime. In terms of employability, studying abroad will also set you apart from many of your peers, showing employers that you are adaptable, willing to learn, possess a sense of adventure and are open to new experiences.

Although the first and second year of our Study Abroad programmes are common with our other Maths and Statistics programmes, in your third year you will study modules at our partner universities that partly match those available to you at Lancaster. This ensures that you still receive among the very best in mathematical and statistical education whilst giving you the fantastic opportunity to spend a year living in another country. You will also have the opportunity to take modules at our partner institutions that are unavailable for study at Lancaster, such as Cryptography and Logic.