What is Natural Sciences?

For those with an interest in more than one scientific subject, a Natural Sciences degree provides a unique structure that allows you the flexibility to shape your degree to suit your own interests and career aspirations.

With the choice of studying up to three different subjects throughout the whole of the degree programme, you can keep your interests open or choose to specialise as you progress. Either way, our Natural Sciences degree is designed to challenge the brightest students who are highly motivated and prepared to apply themselves across multiple boundaries.

A natural sciences degree opens up a wide choice of career options. Our graduates develop skills in lateral thinking, independent reasoning, evaluation and interpretation, problem solving in an analytical and logical way, numeracy, IT and project management. These much sought after skills provide opportunities in science-based industries as well as management, consultancy, marketing and education.

Who is Natural Sciences for?

This degree will allow you to see the interrelations between different science and technology courses, and shows employers that you have the ability to think laterally and utilise information and ideas from a range of different disciplines. It will also make you attractive to employers, as they will see that you have skills and knowledge gained from a variety of science courses rather than just one.

Mastering up to three different science subjects to degree standard is challenging but highly rewarding, and will give you the opportunity to pursue your own interests freely while enjoying all the benefits that a degree from Lancaster University has to offer.

Careers and Employability

You will benefit from a wider range of career opportunities than other degrees, as your lateral knowledge of a number of different sciences will open many doors to you in regards to graduate employment. You will receive opportunities within the science and technology industries, but the skills that you gain in your degree are transferable and applicable to a wide variety of career paths.

Many of our graduates progress directly to higher degrees or careers in research. However, many also go into graduate employment in scientific consultancy, marketing, IT, and education. 97% of graduates from Lancaster University go on to find employment or higher education within 6 months of graduating, and 78% go on to get graduate jobs!

Study Abroad Options

You will also be given the opportunity to study abroad should you wish to; not only will this allow you to immerse yourself in a new country and culture, but you may be able to study science modules unavailable at Lancaster- adding to the breadth and depth that our degrees provide.

A Natural Sciences degree gives you the widest possible choice of career options and lets you study the subjects that interest you the most.