Careers and Employability

As a Natural Sciences student at Lancaster, the technical and practical skills that you gain can be transferred across many industries, making you highly attractive to employers.

You will be highly versatile and adaptable, with a well-rounded university education, opening up a wide range of career opportunities; many employers prefer a varied, multidisciplinary degree to a specialisation in one field.  You will also be able to take advantage of the growing demand in research organisations, industry and businesses for graduates who are able to utilise multidisciplinary scientific knowledge in their work. Our graduates develop skills in:

Lateral thinking Independent reasoning
Evaluation and interpretation Problem solving in an analytical and logical way
Numeracy Information and communications technology
Project management Time management

Our dedicated Careers and Employability Service is also available to give you support in achieving your chosen career for as long as you need it, and is on hand to offer advice and information during your time with us. Our staff at The Base will be happy to give you any help and advice you may need regarding your career; this might include researching potential opportunities, developing skills for employment, meeting employers and more. Staff are available for one-to-one appointments in The Base from 10:00-4:30 Monday-Friday, or alternatively you can email ‘Ask Careers’ for answers to specific questions. The Careers service holds a number of Careers Fairs throughout the year, which students often find invaluable.

Please see individual departmental pages for more information on the career paths that past graduates have taken. 

Scientific Careers

Academic and industrial research Aerospace
Agrochemical Biomedical
Climate change Clinical and health service
Conservation Defence
Energy Environmental consultancy
Forensics Geographic information systems
Government research institutes IT and software design
Museum curatorship Nanotechnology
Oceanography Pharmaceuticals
Science journalism and PR Teaching and telecommunications
Laboratory supervisor or manager Product developer
Materials scientist  

Non-Scientific Careers

Banking Teaching
Consultancy Medicine
Research and further study Accountancy
Administration Law
The armed forces Banking
The civil service Management (both general and financial)
IT Publishing
Retail Telecommunications
Marketing and education Purchasing and patenting