Lancaster University has some invested heavily and hosts some of the most technologically advanced, sophisticated and wide-ranging scientific equipment in the UK university sector.

Lancaster Environment Centre

If you choose to study courses offered by LEC, you will benefit from a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment for environmental research.

  • Research Glasshouse - dedicated to a wide range of plant science and ecological research
  • Hazelrigg Weather Station - providing high quality meteorological data since 1966
  • Centre for Biophotonics - cell biology laboratories and imaging technologies
  • Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer Facility - high quality isotopic data and pioneers novel techniques.
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As one of the UK’s top Physics departments we have a fully equipped learning environment to match. This includes an internationally leading Quantum Technology Centre, where materials and devices are cooled to some of the coldest temperatures ever measured on earth. Having opened in 2014, this amazing facility contains £4 million worth of nanotechnology, and cleanroom fabrication facilities capable of producing objects with a lateral dimension of 10 nm. This is supported by our £1.5 million molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) reactors, which can be used by our students to create novel structures for research projects, a dedicated electron-beam writer, plasma processing and thin-film deposition, as well as electron and atomic-force microscopy. 

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Computing & Communications

An International Centre of Excellence for research in information and communications technologies, InfoLab21 has links to over 500 businesses. We have collaborated with such names as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, SAP, BBX and BAE Systems. We possess five dedicated undergraduate labs, a 96 processor 1.5 TB RAM virtualization cluster, and custom built hardware to support our teaching.

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Our Engineering facilities include an 11m x 2.5m wave tank, which is a valuable teaching aid. The Tidal Flume, has been derived by studying existing tidal stream devices and concepts, exploring their size and requirements with suitable predictions as to how they may change in future. Other Engineering facilities include our anechoic chamber, the UTGARD and Neutron Labs for Nuclear Engineering, high power laser processing work station, fuel cells for electrochemical activity, spectrometers and spectrophotometers, the BROKK-40 mobile robotic platform, Lloyd’s Wet Chemistry and Nuclear Facilities, and additive manufacturing facilities such as the ZMorph multi-functional machine.



Our Chemistry Department possesses a £1.2 million Solid State NMR machine, weighing 3 tonnes and identical to the one used at Cambridge University. We also have two solution state NMR machines that cost in the region of £300,000. These are used to characterise and measure the properties of atoms, molecules, solids, materials and biological systems. We also possess a nanoscale 3D printer, x-ray facilities, electron and atomic force microscopes, a glovebox, mass spectrometry equipment, and highly advanced teaching labs.

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Our Psychology Department is one of the largest groups in the world investigating Infancy and Early Development, with a £1.1m facility including eye tracking technology, electroencephalography (EEG), near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRs), electromyography (EMG), heart rate detection, galvanic skin response, and infrared motion capture. In addition to this is the Language and Literature research group, who use eye-trackers and touch screen computers, cubicles for on-site computer based research. We also possess laboratories for testing lifespan research and social cognition, a psychometric library with over 175 tests, a wet laboratory for measurement of neuroendocrines, glucose, and other psychopharmacological chemicals, a virtual reality laboratory with 4 head mounted displays and motion capture system, a sleep lab with polysomnography recording, and temperature controlled labs to observe the effects of environment on interaction. 

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