Annika Hall

Annika specialised in chemistry and environmental science as part of her Natural Sciences degree at Lancaster. Since graduating she has worked in industry and is now a science teacher.

A Flexible course

Wishing to pursue her interests in chemistry as well as other scientific subjects, Annika Hall relished the opportunity to study several science subjects in conjunction with each other for her Natural Sciences degree. “Natural Sciences appealed to me because it gave me the opportunity to study a variety of subjects and modules,” she says. “At the time of starting university, I had a keen interest in chemistry but also science in general. Through this course I had the chance to study chemistry, environmental science, maths and ecology. By studying a range of topics I felt this could open up a variety of careers and opportunities after university. In my first year I studied environmental science, chemistry and maths. In my last two years I continued to study environmental science and chemistry as my main subjects instead of specialising in one particular subject, as I enjoyed both.”

Annika greatly appreciated the support offered by Lancaster’s Natural Sciences Department, as well as the opportunities to meet students from a range of different subjects. “The Department was very welcoming and supportive through the whole of my time at university, which I felt made a huge difference in my progress and enjoyment of the course,” she says. “The course was well structured and gave me the opportunity to mix with students from a number of different courses.”

Strong career foundations

Since graduating from Lancaster, Annika has moved quickly into a career in secondary school teaching. “After graduating I was employed by a pharmaceutical company as a quality analyst,” she says. “I worked in a laboratory conducting scientific tests and analysing results for the manufacture of inhalers. After two years I decided to change my career and completed my PGCE. I am now a secondary school science teacher specialising in Chemistry. This is a whole new challenge!”

Annika feels that the skills that she has gained during her degree are highly relevant to her current career, and recommends the programme to prospective students. “I was very pleased I chose this course and I would definitely recommend it,” she says. “If you are interested in a number of scientific subjects or science in general, you will enjoy this course. You are able to study a mixture of topics and gain a well-rounded understanding of science. As a teacher this is very useful and important, as it would be in many other careers.”