Stephen Wilkinson is a Professor of Bioethics in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion. His most recent research is on reproductive ethics and the regulation of reproductive technologies.
  • Human Organ Transplant

    An Eventful Month for Organ Donation

    It’s been an eventful month for organ donation policy. First, the Welsh National Assembly passed legislation that, from 2015, will make Wales the only part of the UK to have an opt out system for deceased donors. National Transplant Week started on Monday. Then yesterday saw the publication of Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020, which sets out the UK’s latest plans for improving donation rates.

  • 3 parent IVF, Nina Ellis

    The ethics of three person IVF

    The UK Parliament will soon consider making Britain the first country to allow three person IVF. The regulations are yet to be approved, but the government is currently backing moves to allow the creation of babies with DNA from three people in cases where the children are at risk of inheriting mitochondrial disease.