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The following were given by the research team over the course of the project

Conference papers:

Andrew Jotischky: ‘Les normands du sud et les Etats croisés’, at Penser ls mondes normands, Caen/Cérisy-la-Salle, Sept 2011

Andrew Jotischky: “Where no Christian is a foreigner”: geopiety and the Holy Land in the medieval world’at L’Espace du Locus, University of Cyprus, May 2011

Alex Metcalfe: International Medieval Congress, Leeds, 11 July 2011. Title: ‘Assessing new evidence for the Focerò rebellion in Norman Sicily.’

Alex Metcalfe: 25th Union Européene des Arabisants et Islamisants Congress, University of Naples, ‘L’Orientale’, 10 September 2010. Title: ‘Noun reduplication in Sicilian Arabic and its historical implications’.

Keith Stringer: The Paradox of Medieval Scotland, Glasgow University, July 2010 (complementing the AHRC project of that name): title ‘The Scottish Political Community in the Reign of Alexander II (1214–1249)’

Keith Stringer: Medieval Furness: Texts and Contexts, Furness Abbey July 2011 (complementing the AHRC project Hagiography at the Frontiers: Jocelin of Furness and Cross-Border Politics) (keynote speaker): title ‘Furness Abbey in Context’

Keith Stringer: The Medieval Anglo-Scottish Borders, Collingwood College, University of Durham, January 2012: title ‘Law and Jurisdiction’

Research Seminars:

Andrew Jotischky: ‘East is East?Monastic Reform and the Geography of Christendom’, Cambridge University Medieval Encounters Seminar, November 2011

Andrew Jotischky: ‘St Katharine and Mt Sinai: Saints’ Cults at the Norman Edge’ given at University of Birmingham Medieval and Byzantine Seminar, Jan 2010 and University of Liverpool Medieval Studies Seminar, March 2010.

Alex Metcalfe: Queen Mary, University of London (Islam and the West Seminar Series), 13 March 2012 ‘How Islamic was Norman Sicily?’

Alex Metcalfe: University of Cyprus, Nicosia, 23 March 2011. Title: ‘The Administration of Crown Lands in Norman Sicily’

Alex Metcalfe: University of Cyprus, Nicosia, 22 March 2011. Title: ‘From Emirate to Kingdom: the Norman County of Sicily’.

Alex Metcalfe: All Souls College, University of Oxford (Medieval History Seminar), 21 February 2011. ‘The Norman Conquest of Africa’

Alex Metcalfe: The Khalili Research Centre, University of Oxford (Muslim–Christian Encounters Seminar), 18 January 2011. ‘The Multilingual Charters of Norman Sicily: A Lingua Franca in the Mediterranean?’

Alex Metcalfe: CRASSH, University of Cambridge (Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Network Seminar), 18 January 2010. ‘Government by Smoke and Mirrors? The Construction of Norman Rule over the Muslim and Greeks of Sicily’.

Alex Metcalfe: University of California, Los Angeles, (Mellon Foundation Mediterranean Seminar), 23 November 2009. ‘The Language(s) of Power: Muslims under Infidel Rule in the Middle Ages’.

Alex Metcalfe: Hellenic Colloquium, Central European University, Budapest, 26 March 2009. ‘Language and Administration in Early Norman Sicily’,

In addition, the following papers were given by the doctoral student attached to the project, George Lincoln:

'Incastellamento: challenging perceptions of settlement in the medieval Italian peninsula' (Histfest, Lancaster, May '09)
'Words for describing settlements in De rebus gestis rogerii... by Geoffrey Malaterra' (Postgraduate history conference, Aberystwyth, January '10)
'Settlement in Eleventh Century Sicily in Arabic and Latin Sources' (Postgraduate seminar series, Lancaster, March '10)
'Arabic derived place-names in Sicily' (Histfest, Lancaster, May '10)
'Manzil toponymic pre-fixes in Muslim and Norman Sicily' (Leeds IMC, Leeds, July '10)
'The castello at Segesta' (Postgraduate seminar series, Lancaster, October '10)
'The settlement of Focerò in early Norman Sicily' (Histfest, Lancaster, May '11)
'The settlement of Focerò in early Norman Sicily: its nature, boundaries and context within the Val Démone region' (M6 seminar series, Liverpool, May '11)
'Settlement Patterns in the Val Démone Region of Post-Conquest Norman Sicily' (Leeds IMC, Leeds, July '11)
'Land Tenure in Muslim Sicily' (Postgraduate seminar series, Lancaster, December '11)

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