Deans' Professorial Programme

Developing the Lancaster Professorial Community

The Deans' Professorial Programme is a development opportunity designed for professors across Lancaster’s four faculties.

The programme provides an opportunity for professorial colleagues to co-create a development agenda that focuses on the priority issues, challenges and questions that are crucial to their experience and disciplinary context. Core themes will be addressed, utilising internal and external expertise, which will enable colleagues to develop a deeper understanding of the different roles that professors may play in the institution, while enhancing their own personal understanding of the type of professor they wish to be and the contribution they are best placed to make.

The Deans' Professorial Programme consists of five days, each one of which will focus on a different aspect of the role of the professor. Contributors will include Distinguished Professors, external speakers and senior colleagues from Lancaster and the wider sector, all guided by the participants’ own experiences, perceptions and aspirations.

Each session will therefore be truly collaborative and it is critical that those participating in the programme are fully able to engage with the process.

  • Day One 25/01/18: Defining, shaping and recognising the Professorial Role at Lancaster
  • Day Two 15/02/18: Personal Leadership: Fostering a culture of achievement
  • Day Three 17/04/18: Leadership beyond the University: Putting Lancaster on the Map
  • Day Four 30/05/18: Leadership within the University: contributing to the larger agenda
  • Day Five 04/07/18: Shaping the future Professor

This programme has proved popular and we strive to create a balanced cohort with a mix of gender and experience.

If you are interested in taking part in the next cohort of this programme and jointly promoting the development of the professorial community at Lancaster, please talk to your Faculty Dean in the first instance, as places are by nomination. To express your interest in future cohorts or for further information, please email OED.

Please read our information on cancellation charges and inclusivity within this programme.