Researcher Development Events

The following development events are specifically designed to support you in your research role and can be accessed on a stand-alone basis. To reserve your place on the sessions relevant to you please follow the links.

Peer to Peer Coaching- 19.01.18 and 13.04.18 *Please note both sessions must be attended

Introduction to REF Impact- 23.01.18

External Engagement: Why does it matter to me and the University?-29.01.18

Writing Successful, High Impact Grant Proposals- 01.02.18

Research Funding Opportunities in the Social Sciences/Arts and Humanities: Getting Started- 01.02.18

Writing Retreat- 06.02.18

Global Challenge Research Funding- 09.02.18

Intellectual Property and Research Contracts- 12.02.18

Achieving impact through social media- 20.02.18

Capturing Impact Evidence- 26.02.18

Revealing REF2021: understanding the next research excellence framework- 06.03.18

Introduction to Parliament- 14.03.18

Select Committees Seminar- 14.03.18

Research Grants - Lancaster’s costing and approval processes- 19.03.18

Writing Retreat- 22.03.18

Sharing Qualitative Data- 26.04.18

Social Media Masterclass: Building your professional reputation- 08.05.18

Getting started with public engagement- 08.05.18

Writing Retreat- 09.05.18

Strategic Academic Career Planning and Mentoring for Research Staff- 16.05.18

Strategic Career Planning and Mentoring for Academics- 16.05.18

Research Data Management: the what, why and how of managing quantitative data- 18.05.18

Research Funding Opportunities in STEM/Health: Getting Started- 04.06.18

Revising Your Unfunded Research Grant Application For Alternative Funding Sources- 11.06.18

Open Access Publishing- 14.06.18

Tools and techniques for the enterprising researcher- 18.06.18

How to Publish Strategically to Maximise Your Impact and Reach- 21.06.18

Writing Retreat- 26.06.18

Pathways to Impact- 06.07.18